No Project Is Too Large Or Small 


Whether you’re updating your kitchen, remodeling your bathroom, or in the process of finding decor for a new build, we put our customers needs first. From the beginning design and selection process to the installation process, we can handle it all. Choose from a wide array of stone to find the colors to fit your lifestyle, taste, and current decor. Then, let us take over with the installation!

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1: Select Materials/Measure

Step 2: Set Installation Date

Step 3: Fabrication

Step 4: Delivery & Installation

Step 5: Care & Maintenance

Step 1: Select Materials/Measure

Our Sales Reps will show the customers the products that are best for the project. We will send a templater for recommendations and measuring.

Step 2: Set Installation Date

We will set an installation date that best fits the customers schedule.

Step 3: Fabrication

Your slab will be brought for fabrication a week before install. The customer has the option of seeing the layout of how the slab will be cut.

Step 4: Delivery & Installation

An installation date is already set. Make sure to review what to prepare for and what we do and don’t do. Installation is only a few hours. We suggest having the sink sit for AT LEAST 24 hours before hooking up the plumbing so that the silicone can settle.

Step 5: Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance is vital for the upkeep of your slab. Make sure to talk to CNC Granite to make sure that you follow the correct steps to ensure that your project stays beautiful for years ahead.

Before We Start Installation In Your Home

You have selected the perfect stone and we have cut out your piece to give you a customized feel. In the installation phase there are some things to be prepared for and to have an idea on if you need to take any steps before we arrive.

What to prepare for?

Clear everything off of your counter tops.

Please put up any pets so they do not run outside.

Please give us your faucet spread.

If you have your sink you can give it to the template guy (Always check your sink before you give it to us.)

Pick up any throw rugs that you may have down. We don’t want our installers to slide and get hurt.

Remove all drawers from the bottom cabinet drawers underneath the counter top.

Please have the plumber have the plumbing unhooked before the installers arrive.

We suggest having the sink sit for AT LEAST 24 hours before hooking up the plumbing so that the silicone can settle.

What we won’t do?

We do not do any plumbing work.

We don’t do any electrical work.

We are not movers in moving out appliances.